10 Day Executive Management & Leadership Training

The 10-day Executive Management and Leadership Soft Landing Program has been created with the guidance of Dr Sean Lux, Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at the School of Business at the University of South Florida.

Dr. Sean Lux

This program is suitable for senior managers, up to CEO level, who wish to refresh their management skills,  with exciting business thinkers in the USA.

The program is designed for those who would benefit from international networking and some time to think, away from daily stress and pressures, in an interesting part of the USA.

The ‘soft-landing’ format ensures that participants can spend their time on high-value activities, or much-needed rest, rather than wasting time on low-value tasks such as searching for local information or services.

Participants are cared for completely during their entire visit. They are freed from problems such as transportation, meals, communication, finding entertainment. They have help and guidance available at all times (or freedom if they so desire).

The study program varies according to participant requests, which are submitted before each program. Some common modules include:.

  • Leading the enterprise.
  • Assessments, forecasting and planning.
  • Developing and reviewing strategy and objectives.
  • Entrepreneurship in management.
  • Intrapreneurial management.
  • Translating strategy into execution.
  • Measurables and financials.
  • Integrating innovation into systems and processes.

Optional extras

  • Understanding culture (including American culture).
  • International networking.

The “edu-tainment” program may include: Busch Gardens, the Kennedy Space Center, the Henry Plant Museum, Fort DeSoto, the Tampa Bay Aquarium, or Disney parks as time permits. Participants might choose to visit innovative programs such as energy from waste, and other green, tourism and conservation programs in the region.

Senior executives often prefer structured visits to places of entertainment. For instance, you may want to learn how the Disney parks work with the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, instead of wandering around like an ordinary tourist.

Participants often use the edu-tainment program to build projects and ideas that might be helpful or applicable in their home countries.