USA Training & Visits

AIBC  brings both students and business people to visit the United States, to learn, meet businesses and to create mutual and international understanding.


  • Helps Americans to understand other nations and their cultures.
  • Helps other national groups to understand the United States and the many different types of people who live here.

AIBC offers a number of customized, structured training programs. The shortest is one week, and the longest is a 90-day training program that can flow into a longer vocational training. Some topics include:

  • Business skills for the global 21st century economy.
  • Business English
  • Strategic business management
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Property investment in the USA
  • Business skills, networking and sport. The most popular option is golf.

These are all “soft-landing” programs.

Participants come to Tampa Bay, Florida. They are always in a soft-landing program, which is a program where  participants are protected from stress or anxiety as they adjust to a new place and culture.

Soft-landing programs care for the whole person. We take care of the needs and worries of visitors to an unfamiliar place. The program is run by people who have a cross-cultural background, and have personal experience of the experience of living in a new country and culture. This type of program make a visit to the USA easy, relaxing and comfortable.

AIBC runs programs in Tampa Bay, Florida because it has a warm climate, and is a multi-cultural, modern city with many tourist attractions,  educational activities and international business events.

  • There are hundreds of interested historical, and other places of interests, and activities in Tampa Bay. It also has excellent energy, recycling and other “green” programs. (We can take our visitors to see them.)
  • Tampa Bay has several of the best beaches in the United States, and it is close to Disney World.  Busch Gardens, the famous Tampa Theme Park. Busch Gardens offers AIBC visitors an “unlimited pass” and is world-famous for its roller coasters and white tigers.
  • It is near enough to the Kennedy Space Station to make it possible to visit this one-on-the-planet center.
  • Tampa is well known for world-class medical services.
  • AIBC works with Embassy Suites, an all-suite hotel chain, to make sure that visitors to the USA have space and privacy. Embassy Suites provides laundry, a gym, swimming pool, suitable meals etc, and limitless free transport to Busch Gardens, shops etc.
  • AIBC work with the University of South Florida. The Embassy Suite hotel is on the University of South Florida campus.

AIBC creates programs that are different from “learn abroad” programs:

  1. True soft landings program care for visitors from before they arrive until the moment they leave.
  2. Programs are designed for the needs of visitors. Older, international entrepreneurs, managers or property investors will not want the same type of care that we provide for younger, second-language speakers. Everything is customized.
  3. Programs provide training material, and may include cell phones, debit cards for shopping and restaurants, or even new computers. Every small detail is considered. Some programs require software licenses, transport, conversational English tutors, tour guides, prayer schedules / mosque access, medical insurance, and psychological support.
  4. AIBC provides measurable results. Where required, we provide international, multi-lingual assessments of the learning achieved.  Participants often want to see what they have learned, and their companies want to be able to measure what they learned from their visit to the USA.
  5. AIBC has long-term goals. The programs are part of a vision of international understanding and mutual, long-term relationships between communities and businesses, leading to a more peaceful, prosperous world.