Project Details

The Tampa International Airport expansion project is huge, with some kind of work for everyone.

Three big contractors are Austin, Skanska and Mitsubishi.

Austin are responsible for the new consolidated rental car center, and the elevated guideway structure of the Automated People Mover that will take the shuttles to and from it. This includes the train stations, offices for rental companies, fuel systems, car washes, central energy plant, and everything that goes with these: from drilling foundations to precast components, concrete, mechanical, electrical, equipment, fire protection, escalators and elevators, dry wall, and all finishes. All Primes and Subs details are available, and so are the details of every package.

Skanska is creating the new look and feel of the main building. This involves a new ceiling (20 foot high), various floorings, new-look (and some repositioning) of the People Movers that travel to the airsides, repositioning of the concessions, and build-out of the basic white-box new concessions. They’re creating the new “wing-like” terraced restaurant areas. There are packages for demolition, building enveloping, structures, ceilings, floorings, electrics and electronics, all kinds of specialties and fittings, and they are open to any suggestions (e.g. one MBE company provides steel, and they were immediately interested). There is a big sign package.

Mitsubishi is providing the people movers themselves. I’ll add details as soon as I hear anything.