Business Opportunities

1. AIBC works for economic development through inclusion in West Central Florida and Florida as a whole.

Every community needs many different individuals to be more  involved, enfranchised and appreciated in the economy, and to share diverse networks more effectively. Our economy needs the innovative, enthusiastic participation of ALL our people.

Please come to the Tampa Bay Diversity Expo on 3 June at HCC Dale Mabry. Free. Plenty of Parking. Click to register!

West Central Florida is a vibrant multi-racial, multi-national, multi-cultural region, with people of different races, ethnicities, national backgrounds, religions, generations, education, dis/ability, socio-economic status, military experience, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Let’s reach out to each other in any way possible to build mutual benefit and prosperity.

The events page is very important. Relationships matter and you can’t have relationships without meeting people. Please go out and meet people, the more different from you the better.

2. Current RFPs, ITNs, opportunities to sub etc.

Please click here for information about projects, meetings etc.

There are a lot of details about many projects, primes and subs. At the moment, there are billions of dollars of construction projects  – with many, many small jobs – on this link, but these are not only construction-type jobs. There is a market for whatever you do or want to do.

This section includes close to 5 billions dollars in projects.

3. Regulations are evolving in favor of inclusion.

  • Organizations are required to hire at least 7% of staff to be persons with disabilities, to be eligible for federal contracts: 
  • They must hire at least 8% of staff who are minority persons, for federal contracts: (details online and to follow). This page is a work in progress.
  • There are new regulations on some bids requiring a minimum number of veteran-owned businesses.
  • Corporations are trying to buy local, and to buy from small business, woman owned business, minority owned business etc. They need to do this to obtain federal contracts, or seek to do this to grow their local communities and valuable small businesses. One such organization is Tampa General Hospital. If you are a Hillsborough W/MBE with an interest in working with TGH, please email Please put something about Tampa General Hospital in the subject line as I have a vicious spam program.
  • Everyone is interested in building international connections, starting with knowing their local international communities.

4. There are many programs to help people from all sectors of our community.

There are educational and development opportunities, with funding, jobs, internships etc. Take a look and see if there is something for you.  You may be a veteran, an immigrant, a start-up business etc. Click here for ideas.

5. There are many groups who can help you.

Click here for a list of business and social groups who support the world of differences that is Central and Central-West Florida. All of these groups have some kind of economic aim. They have job sites, job fairs, start-up camps, networking, training, etc.

6. Small Business & Supplier Diversity Systems Updates.

Click for updates to the small business and Supplier Diversity Updates.

7. RPF & ITN sites: Find corporate Vendor Registration and ITNs/RFPs etc.