Board Contacts

Please feel free to contact the following members of the American International Business Council Board with queries. Below are the Florida Board Members:

CEO and President

Hilton Ross-Munro

Hilton Ross-Munro is an international business consultant, and an attorney. For many years he was the managing partner of a successful legal firm in South Africa.

Mr. Ross-Munro studied Economics before completing law school, and he has always been interested in international affairs and in economic development. He also has a long-standing interest in inclusion for people with disabilities.

Hilton has traveled six continents and developed a strong interest in the way business relationships develop in different cultures and nations. As a US citizen, he sees solutions to many areas of misunderstanding between the United States and other nations. He also sees many ways in which the AIBC can build mutual benefits for the USA and other nations by creating bridges and communication between individuals, and between private and public sector organizations.

Hilton is married, with two sons, Greg and Graeme. His email address is or HiltonRossMunro[@] Telephone: 813 598 9180.

Faisal Feituri

Vice-President: Libya and North Africa

Faisal Feituri is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural global business specialist. He has managed multi-million dollar and multi-national projects for American, Saudi, Egyptian and British corporations.

Faisal’s extensive global corporate and investment banking expertise has enabled him to see many such major projects to fruition. He has an impressive record of leadership in global start-ups, turnarounds and crisis resolution, particularly in the areas of international trade and development.

He has an MBA from the City University of Seattle, and has studied economics, finance and management at Oxford University and at the University of Puget Sound.

Mr. Feituri is a member of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Committee of One Hundred, and has served as an advisor to the Board of the Boy Scouts of America. He has served as a senior advisor to Total Source, restructuring government agencies (state and local).

He can be reached at 813 220-5715 or by email at unitedco[@]

Vice-President: China

JC Jian Chen (Jim) is a business consultant, and a licensed professional geologist. Jim was born in China, has an undergraduate degree from the China University of Geosciences, and later attended the University of South Florida where he obtained a Masters degree in Science.

Jim Chen

Jim Chen

He has many years of experience in water and mineral resources, information technology, environmental and engineering consulting and research. He also has broad experience of business development, management and operations in China.

His international consulting skills are excellent. He is a US citizen and frequently returns to China, connecting business people and entrepreneurs between the United States and China.

Jim is married with one daughter, and has lived in Tampa, Florida, USA since 1990. His email address is and he can also be reached at jcis2006[@] Telephone: 813-951-0730 or 813-506-8002.

Vice President: South America

Carlos Tasso Eira De Aquino is Brazilian, and a citizen of the world. He is an Carlosaccomplished senior executive and educator combining over 15+ years of experience in leadership and scholarship in Business, Education, IT, and Engineering with a PhD and two Post-Docs.

In his career, as an executive, he has been strategically building, managing and guiding diverse teams to solve complex, systemic problems. As an educator, he has taught, developed and supervised, and published relevant research and scholarship. Along his career Dr. Aquino accumulated achievements and recognition as Executive-Director, Senior Director, Project Manager, Provost, Dean of Business, Dean of Accreditation, among other capacities in organizations in the USA and abroad, with followers that encompassed a clear diversity of cultures.

Dr. Aquino is a multi-lingual professional (English, Portuguese, Spanish), and his educational background includes a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and a M.Sc. in Structural Engineering (The George Washington University), a Ph.D. in Sciences and Nuclear Technology (University of São Paulo, Brazil), and two post-doctoral degrees – Mechanical Engineering, and Business and Entrepreneurship (State University of Campinas, Brazil).

He created, launched, and led for two years a center dedicated to the research of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, and is currently involved with solutions development in the various dimensions of Diversity and Inclusion, with a substantial focus on companies and organizations that embrace or are willing to launch diversity and inclusion strategies and professional development among internal and external stakeholders. He can be reached at carlos.tasso[@] or

Vice-President: Sweden

Shanida De Gracia

Shanida De Gracia

Shanida De Gracia is a true multi-national with Swedish, Panamanian and Asian heritage.  She can switch from Swedish to English or Spanish without a blink, and is comfortable in the worlds of technology, finance or international business. A successful financial professional in Tampa Bay, Florida, Ms De Gracia is President of Nordic Life & Retirement.

Shanida moved to Florida in 2003, where she changed careers from technology to finance. She completed a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration, majoring in International Business and Financial Management. She is a Delta Sigma Pi member.

Ms De Gracia has always been active in the international business community, and was a board member of the Tampa Bay Swedish Club, and Secretary of the Tampa Bay International Business Council. She is now Vice President of TBIBC. She held a number of positions in the Scandinavian Trade Associations, and became President of the Scandinavian Trade Association in 2013.

Ms De Gracia is known for her interest in Scandinavian culture and values, especially sustainability, human rights and workplace fairness. She has two children and lives in Tampa. Her email is, but she can also be contacted at shanida.degracia [@] Her phone number is 813-4490611.

Vice-President: Sales and Marketing

Charles Carr, usually known as Chuck, is a graduate of Texas A&M University. He continued his education at the University of Texas in Dallas.

He is widely recognized in the United States as an NFL football player, who became a

Chuck Carr

Chuck Carr

national and international business success. Mr. Carr has worked extensively with companies such as EFCO Building Systems, Nuconsteel, Renaissance Steel and KHS&S.

Mr. Carr’s specialties are Sales and Marketing. He is valued for his vast knowledge of operational deliverables: the logistics, management processes, supply chains and quality controls that ensure that what is promised is delivered on time and on budget.

His years of experience in building and maintaining long-term business-to-business partnerships make him a true asset to the AIBC Board. Chuck is president of his own business, Americarr Builds Companies, Inc. His email is and he can also be reached at ccarr[@]

Vice President: Education and Soft Landing Programs

Glynis Ross-Munro is an international business consultant, trainer and instructional designer. She has many years of experience in developing, organizing and delivering international-level, competency-based adult education programs and has broad experience of business management and operations at a national and international level.

Glynis Ross-Munro

Glynis Ross-Munro

Mrs. Ross-Munro has three degrees in psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of South Africa. She has traveled six continents, speaks three languages and was Vice President of the Tampa Bay International Business Council. She is President of Competency & Performance Solutions, and is a past Vice-President of the American Society of Training and Development. She is a member of the Florida Diversity Council.

Glynis is married with two sons, Greg and Graeme, and lives in Tampa Bay, USA. Her email address is or