About AIBC

The American International Business Council (AIBC) exists to encourage long-term understanding, communication and win-win commercial activity between the different regions of the USA, and between the USA and the rest of the world.

We look especially to diverse, binational and internationally-minded members of our business communities to help to lead the way in this work.

Mission of AIBC:

In a time of global change, AIBC seeks to build greater mutual understanding between US business people, and with the people of other nations. We also strive to grow communication between the different US regions. We view this as being done by:

  • Connecting our diverse, binational, people more fully and more confidently with mainstream resources in the the USA.
  • Supporting projects that help our binational residents fill needs in their home nations, while growing prosperity in their communities in the USA, in lasting, trust-based ways.
  • Connecting diverse, binational and internationally-minded people with each other in the USA.
  • Building projects that bring international business people to the United States, leading to lasting, mutually-beneficial results.
  • Supporting projects that take United States business people to other counties, with win-win outcomes for all concerned.
  • Using new, creative and unusual ways to connect people. Finding unusual, creative, entrepreneurial or non-traditional ways of bringing international groups together, perhaps paving the way for official channels to follow.
  • Proving that trust, ethics and cultural-fluency have high value, and that immigrants can be valuable and can enrich the communities they join and the community they leave behind.

1.  AIBC helps connect those with an interest in cultural fluency and human differences. We  reach out by newsletters and in person-to-person ways to many national and ethnic groups. We also reach out to people with disabilities, people of different racial and religious groups, veterans, gender-diverse groups, or any other group whose wide-thinking, innovative approach to our world might help us all prosper together.

2. AIBC encourages visitors to the US to benefit from US skills and networks, to build lasting, win-win global prosperity. We are developing  a range of customized training and visitation programs, often in transparent connection with other organizations in our community. We work to ensure that these are soft-landings programs, and to share our ideas on this website.

2. AIBC believes that visits to other nations build trust and good, long-term relationships. These are a way to show the United States’ high-quality products and services, as well as to create years of peace and understanding that will benefit our world long after we no longer live in it.

There are new and innovative ways to do this, and we are interested in discussing any win-win, creative and ethical model to develop innovative projects that connect high-quality, ethical US companies (of any size) with other nations. We are open to new ideas for programs, and will support workable ideas that benefit innovators and their US communities.

We build trust, collaboration and resources within our community, and can create trade shows or exhibitions, or partner with those who have new ideas about growing connections with the United States. AIBC is willing to share connections, or find new ones, and to provide creative, confidential advice for those who are at any stage of such an ideation process.

Shared Vision of AIBC Support Organizations:

The American International Business Council works with a range of supportive organizations. All of these share our vision for a better world where understanding leads to long-term peace and prosperity. We look for ways to know, like and trust each other, and where people can find win-win business outcomes. We emphasize strong relationships and cultural understanding.

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency  appointed is a Partner Organization. Glynis Ross-Munro is the point of contact. This Agency reports directly to the President of the United States.

USTDA’s programs create a win-win scenario by promoting U.S. exports, and also advancing economic growth in developing and middle-income countries. Its programs grow new markets for large and small U.S. companies that are looking to expand overseas.

The US Global Leadership Coalition works to raise awareness of the importance of understanding between the US and all potential business partners around the globe.


Startupbus. Greg Ross-Munro’s work with Startupbus North America and Startupbus Africa opens new vistas for ways in which the USA can reach new generations, entrepreneurs, incubators and economic development organizations across the world.


The AIBC Accommodation Partner, Embassy Suites, is committed to learning about international culture, welcoming international guests and being a great partner in soft landing programs.

AIBC appreciates the help and support of the many organizations and contacts we have, who share ideas, information and resources with us.