Welcome to the American International Business Council.

Building a better world. Supporting lasting, global understanding.

The American International Business Council seeks:

1. To bring international business people to visit the United States, to create mutual understanding and to share skills for lasting global prosperity.

2. To connect people in the USA, especially those who self-identify as diverse* in some way, or as immigrants or ‘binational’. To connect them more fully and more confidently with each other and with mainstream resources in the USA. To support their local and global business potential.

3. To educate as many USA organizations as possible about the opportunities and advantages that lie in cultural competency. To promote the value of understanding and connecting with people who are diverse,* binational, or multicultural suppliers, employees, business partners and customers as a business benefit.

4. To build projects between the United States and other nations, through the networks of our diverse residents, leading to lasting, mutually-beneficial results, with win-win outcomes for all concerned.

5. To work at the person-to-person level, below the “official level” that can be managed by State, County and City level enterprises. To maintain excellent and helpful, friendly collaborative and transparent relationships with these official organizations.

US Trade and Development Agency

US Global Leadership Coalition




The US Global Leadership Coalition works to strengthen America’s leading contributions to the world through strategic investments in development and diplomacy. Browse this site for information of their meetings with AIBC and other mutual activities.

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency has appointed the Tampa Bay International Business Council a Partner Organization. Glynis Ross-Munro serves as point of contact. This Agency reports directly to the President of the United States, and connects United States companies with foreign business interests.

Tampa Bay International Business Council

The Tampa Bay International Business Council (TBIBC) is a non-profit body that assists with collaboration, diversity and prosperity by bringing many different bi-national groups of Central West Florida together. They support bi-national chambers of commerce and work with the honorary consular corps. They publicize events that integrate diverse and minority business and student groups with mainstream business.

*Diverse is considered as a general term for those who are perceived as “different” from a mainstream category. While everyone is different, many groups are underserved or face elements of statistical disenfranchisement. Differentness often applies to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation (LGBTQ), pregnancy or parental status, national origin